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July 03, 2005

One thing about dial-up...

shorter posts! And fewer of them! So, what catches my eye this morning...

Well, lessee, I love the Aussie Army and all Soldiers of Oz I've served with... but via Bastards, Inc I see that Cover.your.ass-itis is alive and well there.

At Resistance is Futile - Carnival of Cordite #20 raises it's SchumerRodhamStein-defying head.

Carnival of the Recipes #46 is up at Anywhere But Here.

James Rummel, over at Hell in a Handbasket, chats about the Federal Election Commissions proposed rulemaking covering blogs - and blogger reax to same. I'm thinking that if you aren't taking ads or money from the campaigns, you are probably safe... though blog coalitions like Blogs for Bush are a gray area that might see some regulation, being percieved as arms of the campaigns. I dunno how that's going to work out. I do know one thing, I'm a blogger... which in the strict "journal" aspect of things... means I'm a journalist? Heh. I don't think Cokie Roberts,, will like that.

Chris Byrnes, the AnarchAngel, has advice for aspiring writers who want to have gun-savvy characters in their books (or journos who *might* like to get the fiddly-bits right). But Chris *did* miss my favorite peeve - clips versus magazines. Clips feed magazines. Magazines feed the weapon. Sigh.

74 over at The Bow Ramp talks about small ships, small ship sailors, and the Navy, tensions with.

The Sea Lawyer at Eaglespeak chides the International Herald Tribune for some sloppy reporting... I would have to agree.

Well, literally, that's all I have time for. Feh. I'm just glad to see that Castle Argghhh! wasn't the only site that had really slow loads over dial-up. I will say with the new machine at the Castle, I've reloaded Photoshop, so I can once again reduce picture density to a more manageable level for you guys with dialup! But no wonder some of you have never seen the sidebars!