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July 02, 2005

Caption Contest!

We here at Castle Argghhh! hope you are having a good time this 4th of July weekend. Bill has hit the road, and I'm about to - I don't know what Dusty is up to this weekend. I'm off to visit family today and tomorrow. Taking the laptop... but who knows?

This is a Party Thread for any denizens and visitors who wanna play. Just behave, and don't make the PG-17c too twitchy!

Here's a pic to caption:

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I'll start you off:

The Air Force reveals it's new campaign to appeal to Metrosexuals with it's first ad in Maxim! "Dude - You're cleared in hot! Squeeze that pickle!"

And now, a little video.

Be safe this weekend... and if you are out playing with fireworks... pay attention to the bursting radius!

Belated H/t to ChillyWilly for the pic - aggressive email management caused me to delete after I saved the pic... and of course promptly forgot who sent it!