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July 01, 2005

Fusileer Alert! and other stuff.

Geldof and Co. will be having Live8. Let's face it, they're going to raise scads of cash. But there *is* an event competing for your dollars... and I encourage you to drop by Brainshavings, and plan on leaving a little cash with a fundraiser that will benefit the troops at the "Rear Echelon" blog-a-thon!

Publicola notes we have Buy A Gun Day, National Ammo Day, but no day to shoot all that ammo through all those guns, so he proposes American Range Trip Day, to take all those guns out and burn that ammo. He proposes the day of June 23rd, to mark the day the Supreme Court told Ms. Kelo that her house was only hers as long as some developer didn't want it, too bad, so sad. I say, let's not wait a year, go ahead and spend *this* years allocation this weekend! And write letters to your state officials about Eminent Domain abuse. Back to the subject... Publicola notes - any day that ends in "y" is a good day to go shoot!

In fact, I sent Publicola a note suggesting July 4th for this year - but, as you can see, he was pretty adamant about waiting until June 23rd next year... but to, well, prepare.

John, It's a date specific thing. A month ago if I'd have had this idea I would have went for April 19th. But since SCOTUS handed down Kelo on June 23rd I figure that's the most appropriate date we have at the moment. I know it'll be almost a year till the first ART day, but that'll give us that much more time ot get the word out. & of course I always recommend going to the range before you plan on going to the range just to make sure everything's cool, followed by going to the range after you've gone to the range to make sure everything was in fact cool. :)

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Works for me!

Mr. Completely offers up some Gun Pr0n!

TFS Magnum points out a disappointed District Attorney, but an un-raped abused wife.

If you've not visited the Blogging Babes of the Cotillion... well, perhaps you should?

Like Say Uncle - I really don't like people like this. And I *really* despise officious petty officialdom like these dolts Denise at The Ten Ring ran into.

In case you missed it, there's been some tut-tutting in the world about USGov response to an alleged Iranian Hostage Taker, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, being elected (such as elections work in Iran) President. The usual suspects in the MSM, in this specific instance, NBC's Brian Williams, pointing out that Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe were all, in the eyes of the British Crown at the time, equivalent characters - i.e., terrorists. I could go on about it - but Callimachus at Done With Mirrors has done so already.

Dean Esmay types a defense of Robert Heinlein's works - all I have to add is that Heinlein's Rocket Ship Galileo started me on seriously reading fiction, and hooked me on science fiction (c'mon, kids build backyard rocket for eccentric man - only to find Nazi's on the Moon... and use a Garand to conquer - what's not to like?) , when I was in the 6th grade, just as Russell Davis' Marine at War (personal memoir of the war in the Pacific, and better'n anything Manchester wrote, if only because it's all true...) twigged me to history, while in the 5th grade.

Greyhawk looks back at a year of combat in Iraq...

This will annoy somebody... Dittoes, Dean, regarding the UN.

Fallout from Kelo - both sides: Happy to pillage for dollars via The Agitator... and in building defenses against, via Say Uncle. For the record - I think the legislative remedy is the way to go.

Another soldier balladeer. Luke Stricklin.

Matt has probably already covered these guys... but here are three more soldiers you should know: Sgts. 1st Class Bradly M. Felix and Roger G. Watts, and Staff Sgt. David G. Colucci, all assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne). Silver Star awardees.

And after Fallujah? The enemy is relying more and more on remote attacks and suicide bombers... which increases the casualties among the civilians... which is causing more and more civlians to help out with information. Now is *not* the time to set a hard date for withdrawal. Feel free to recall a few retirees to give the young 'uns a break...

An interesting Op-Ed in the NYT on how to proceed in Iraq. Food for thought.

Trying to influence the influencers...