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June 29, 2005

Even Warthogs can be technically agile...

Glenn Reynolds significantly increased the level of class on his world-famous blog with this post.

The quality is terrible, but the end reveals something about the American fighting man that is the direct result of living in a free society--initiative and creativity.

Drove the Russians/Chinese nuts, it did/does.

In this case, it may have been a maintainer who thought of it, the squadron weapons officer, or maybe even a line pogue. (Really. One of my former charges used to build black boxes for the Voyager space probe but he wanted to fly. So he did--on a 5-year sabbatical from Motorola.)

Anyway, when you take an ACMI pod (the thingie you hang on your jet that collects and transmits flight data to a range ground station for training purposes) and turn it into a radio range extender, that's just, well, very, very cool.

...and we wonder why the American people take pride in their soldiers...