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June 28, 2005

Speaking of history as not being our long suit... and other things.

See what Castle Philosopher Kat has to say on the idea of Freedom, the Struggle for, When to Abandon.

I would note, Kat, that there are those...

Would that they had been so weak of heart at Valley Forge or Bunker Hill, who then would we be? If they had abandoned Fort McHenry, what song would we sing? At the bloody ground of Gettysburg, should we have said the price was too much, who would be the slave? If men had not crawled over inches of bloody sand to the battlements at the top of Normandy, what world would we live in?

...born in this country and living in it now - who would actually prefer that they *had* lost heart at Valley Forge, and that this nation never got it's start, so deep is their essential self-loathing and blindness.

On a completely unrelated note, Jeff at Alphecca is gun-blegging...

Too bad that everything I want for the Castle would take years to snooker you guys out of were I to try that...

Boyes Anti-Tank Rifle.
Mauser Anti-tank Rifle
Hotchkiss Portative
Wall Gun
Maxim 08
Maxim 08/15
1st Model Brown Bess
Ferguson Rifle (scroll down)
Tripplett and Scott (had one, once, sad story there)

Oh who am I kidding, anyway?

Over at Random Nuclear Strikes - 'Ware the hypocrisy of whiners on both sides of the spectrum...

Mudville notes the different approach Gunner's Palace takes on it's release to DVD. Since it never made it around here in the theaters, that's the only way we're going to see it at the Castle.

The Llama Butchers have an intriguing suggestion... though I would prefer Minot, North Dakota for Winter, and Fort Huachuca, Arizona for summer...

Here at Castle Argghhh!, we're in no danger of succumbing to that horror... Mantropy, exposed here as a service by Rachel of Tinkerty Tonk.

Barb is keeping her eye on the Gold Star Mother's flap, seemingly resolved in a (I think) proper fashion. Not the outcome, per se, but how it all came about.

Like Barb:

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Update: Hmmm. I wonder if the *real* purpose behind the study is to see how fast what segments of the blogworld will spread a graphic and meme around... and to track the spread via sign-ins... prolly not - that woulda come from the Harvard Business School or something. This probably just is Brainiacs at work...

Okay - lunch is over, back on my head.