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June 22, 2005

Live from Dayton, again.

The upside and the downside to deployed milbloggers - the war is real, and they are at risk. Speedy recovery, Chuck. H/t CAPT H.

It would appear that the Chinese government is up to it's usual tricks.

SondraK has an option if you like visiting sites and commenting on them... the ones that measure time in the Lunar Standard Time, that is.

Karl Zinsmeister is perhaps a little optimistic... but probably no more so than the MSM is pessimistic. H/T, SWWBO!

Speaking of SWWBO - this news is Important! It is Imperative that you follow this link!

Carnival of Cordite #18 is up at Technogypsy!! You remember Cordite, don't you?

At Carnaby Fudge - Kitty and Gun Pr0n! What more could you ask for?

Triggerfingers invites you into the mind of a gun-fearing wuss. Note the orientation-confusion the author (not Triggerfinger!) is suffering from. Heh.

Garand abuse! Shame! Shame! (The Armorer prefers his weaponry unfiddled-with, obviously, Publicola's mileage varies...)

Publicola also invites your attention to US Forestry Service actions in shutting down public shooting areas in Colorado. He wonders if it is a 'test the waters' tactic... and recommends you weigh in on the issue if you have an opinion. It might be nothing, but it might be something, too. And if they aren't coming out with reasons for doing it right away, my experience with bureaucracy is they *always* have a reason for doing something, and if they won't articulate it up front... well, there's reason to dig. And, well, there was... as Michael Bane points out.

I'll close this out with a little bit of KittyZen...

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