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June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day

Go, hang out with your Dads, or your kids. If you no longer have a Dad, or kids - go... bowling! Yeah, that's it, bowling!

This is the first time in a long time there has been no kid at home, he having fled the nest to live in Manhattan, learn about apartment living, and asking people "You want fries with that?" And don't make assumptions about Manhattan, visitors - you will most likely be wrong...

Speaking of college students - if you are a GI Bill eligible kind of person as a result of the current unpleasantness - I recommend you go check out what Cranky has to say at The Balance Sheet on the subject of the Horatio Alger Scholarships.

I'll also be dropping SWWBO off at the airport for her trip to Tampa. I'll be chatting with my father tonight. I'm going to Dayton, Ohio tomorrow to get some corporate re-bluing on how to lead. Apparently 24 years in the Army is something to be undone... heheheheheheheh. But, since it's been 30+ years since I last visited the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, I'm betting they've changed the exhibits - so that's what I'll be doing tomorrow afternoon.

Speaking of airplanes... here's another picture of the TU-4 in Chinese Service - as a recon drone carrier.

Today is also Juneteenth. As has been noted in this space previously, the Armorer believes the outcome of the Civil War was a net good, regardless of what you think are it's true origins. Juneteenth is why. This is why.

Wars are never pretty things, and civil wars can generally be the most horrific (which, as far as such things go, ours was not). And there are *always* unintended and unanticipated consequences, as current events make clear. So too is true of the Civil War. But Juneteenth, for me, tips the balance.

Other bits of interest...

Napoleon III's attempt to expand his Empire in the new world suffers a setback as Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, AKA Emperor Maximilian, was executed by his unappreciative subjects, the Mexicans, preferring home-grown Benito Juarez to the well-intentioned Archduke. The Emperor, sometimes referred to as the "Archdupe," displayed class at the end, refusing to abandon his supporters, which resulted in his execution this day in 1867. Napoleon III wasn't a total hack - he did design this, a most excellent gun, the 12-pounder Napoleon.

The Rosenbergs got to meet their maker this day in 1953. While you can debate the merits of their case, I can't help but note that in today's climate, they would probably get elected to Congress from some place like Berkeley.

In 1943, the Navy was in the midst of a whopping great spanking of the Japanese Navy - the First Battle of the Phillipine Sea.

It's a bad day for American boxers. In 1936 Max Schmeling knocked out Joe Louis (The Brown Bomber creamed him in the rematch). In 1967, Muhammad Ali was convicted of draft evasion. All three men went on to various forms of success in later life (Ali, of course, still being at it...)

In 1948, the Berlin Blockade begins. Bad decision, Joe.

On an different note - there was discussion a while back on flying Focke-Wulf 190's and such - and someone brought up the fact that the first useful German jet fighter, the ME-262 is flying again. And so, after a fashion - it is.

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This pic should make aircraft lovers *and* the military vehicle lovers happy... especially SGT B and Monteith! Hi-res click here.

Happy Father's Day all and sundry. Don't waste too much time at places like this. Tempus Fugit, after all!

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