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June 18, 2005

Saturday Olio

First up - SWWBO's The Carnival of the Recipes is up, hosted by Michele of Meanderings!

MCart buried this in the comments of the party thread - but it's too good for this former Dungeon Master to not put on the front page. This *is* the Castle, after all!

Gotta admit - the flight sim geek in me is drawn to this car...

Castle Adjutant Barb is turning into quite the journo!

Kat, the Kastle Philosopher is reading other people's mail again...

Punctilious has a Raven 42 roundup.

Cassie is *on a roll* as ever. She really should start shopping that stuff to magazines.

Over at Alan's - Beware the Luxembourger!

Snarkatron approaches the same topic Cassie does... from a different angle.

AFSis jumps in on the subject of Boobs. For that matter, so does ALa. There. That should send some traffic their way. Yes, guys, breasts. No tricks. heh. That cleared the room fast. So, ladies, now that the gents are gone, let's continue, eh?

Castle Contrarian Jack has been taking advantage of his work in France to do some traveling. This time - Prague.

SGT B is having a garage sale. Apparently at the Firebase, the nuts don't fall far from the tree...

Ry sent along this *very* interesting article for you guys and gals who have to carry rifles - and especially ones who wonder just how the heck we're gonna get rid of all the cables we're fiddling with now regarding digitizing weapons. This is one approach.

Some historical notes from the day:

1945 Lt Gen Simon B Buckner, Commander, Tenth Army, KIA, Okinawa. There have been only *two* Lieutenant Generals of US Forces killed in combat. Can anyone name the other one? If no one gets it - I'll provide the answer later. And how many among you knew that over half the combat troops at Okinawa were Army, and that an Army General commanded the ground forces?

1538 Treaty of Nice: "Peace" between Holy Roman Emperor Charles V & Francis I of France. Not this one... Forget proper French pronunciation - The Treaty of Nice for ending a war tickles me like the Diet of Worms does for a governing body.
1812 War of 1812: US declares war against Britain. Nyah nyah! You lost! We bored you to death.
1815 Battle of Waterloo: Napoleon defeated by Wellington & Blucher. The Castle collection includes shell fragments recovered from the area of La Haye Sainte.
1940 Winston Churchill says "this was their finest hour" Wotta man, was Winnie!