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June 16, 2005

Echo Chambers...

The meme around the blogs yesterday was "Echo Chamber." See here and our own pet lefty Alan here for examples.

While the core denizens and periodic commenters at the Castle apparently share a fairly common core of beliefs - there is plenty of room for energetic disagreement on the margins.

The Terri Schiavo case was, I think, the most glaring of these fissures in the group. I was on the side of Terri's parents with several others. Several among us were on the side of Michael Schiavo. Most of you just skimmed past or watched from the bleachers.

My comment regarding Michelle Malkin's post on the autopsy was a poorly executed attempt at getting one of us out of his corner and back into the light (a decision he intimates I will regret later today...) But the one who came out of the shadows was not the one I was after, and he came out swinging, hard. I inadvertently stepped on Neffi's last nerve on the subject. So here, publicly, I'll apologize for that. The old "If I knew then what I know now defense" is all I have on offer, and it isn't sufficient. I'm sorry, Neffi.

Feh, what's life if it ain't about passion?

Losses like that can crush the faith and soul of anyone.

And make you angry when you hear people talk about shit that you *know* about. Especially when it's slightly flip, like I did. Like my lack of humor regarding John Kerry and his departure from Vietnam.

I still hold to my position as stated in earlier stuff - but I'll acknowledge that in this instance, Michael Schiavo was right.

Too bad he didn't have it in writing, or with at least another witness - and the parents were willing to take over the care and costs, that is where I was coming from.

I would have been on the other side had there been anything other than hearsay - as far as I knew at the time. My mother has a living will - she has it because she knows my father will be simply unable to pull the plug. So I'll do it, or my sister.

For my father - well, based on what I know about what my father feels, I might end up fighting my mother about pulling the plug - as in resisting the pull. I don't know, because it all comes down to the actual specifics of the case. I know where SWWBO stands on the issue, and will act accordingly - but the next time we update the wills - I'll get it in writing, just in case there are questions. I'll let her tell if she wishes. Not my place in this space (Hey, Mom wants everyone to know - in case you were wondering how I could square that circle).

But like I said in my comment in the post below, deciding to keep someone alive is a reversible decision, if the facts change, or my understanding of them changes. The other decision is not reversible, so I'm willing to have some tug-of-war over it.

Obviously, Jack and Sanger's mileage varies - but from what Neffi said in his note about his situation- we'd probably both have reached the same conclusion he did... which was to pull the plug on his son. So, here I am, again sitting in the mushy middle, reviled as having no principles at all by the Rush Limbaughs and Markos Zunigas of the world.

Well, tough noogies. Frankly, this is where most of us sit, on average. I generally can't abide hanging around with people who exist at either extreme.

And, if nothing else - the issue with Terri Schiavo is resolved, and the law on the underlying matter more settled. And from what the autopsy report says... Terri was probably unaware of anything, a blessing.

But sometimes you have to take a stand. Terri's parents did, Michael did. And so the issue is more defined, and more certain. I don't mind that. What I didn't like was letting it stay so murky and gray, because sometimes the great mushy middle isn't a good place to be, and too much can be done behind the curtains. As always, the Moonbats ruled both extremes and were really annoying. I don't recall having any Moonbats visit - though some sites linked that were infested with moonbats of both stripes (though the owners of the linking sites weren't).

Stay away, Moonbats. You aren't welcome here. But persons of good mind and manners are - even if they disagree.

And since I pay for this and have the ultimate editing privileges, that's the way it is. I'm the Bouncer of Argghhh!

And no - that doesn't mean Neffi was bounced - I pulled his comment at *his* request, and he's free to post it back verbatim, if he wants.