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June 14, 2005

Oh, yeah.


Though you wouldn't know it from all the plane pictures... but two thirds of the staff here at Castle Argghhh!!! are Army. Happy Birthday, Army! 230 years old and showing the wear and tear!


Heh. Typical of us, we decided to publish a field manual to commemorate the event, imaginatively titled, FM-1, The Army.

The Heartless Libertarian posts the actual resolution, here. Man, we were a *deal* back in the day!

Also on this day in history...

1645 Battle of Naseby, Cromwell's Parliamentarians defeat the Royalists. Flinty bassid, is Cromwell. Supported the killing of a King, he did. An action that was not appreciated by the Royalists...
1775 US Army formed from the New England forces before Boston - See Army Birthday, above!
1777 Congress adopts the Stars & Stripes, replacing the Grand Union flag - so it is also Flag Day.
1864 Congress orders that Black soldiers receive equal pay with whites
1942 Bazooka goes into production at Bridgeport, Ct. Oh wait - wrong one!
1942 German merchant cruiser Thor begins operating in the Indian Ocean.

1982 Argentines surrender to Britain on the Falkland Islands; 74-day war

I have an album of Falklands pics here.