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June 14, 2005

Gitmo Redux...

The Dems picked a helluva time to mimic the Martians in Mars Attacks! when the good guys start playing Hank Williams, Sr. (Their heads explode into a gooey green mess, but you had to be there.)

Anyway, we seem to have generated quite a furball in the comments section of the last post. A nice furball, to be sure, but a furball nonetheless.

That's good.

I think some may have misunderstood my point in "A Couple of Thoughts about the Gitmo Flap..." I wasn't trying to say we should start tearing peoples' arms out of their sockets (messy). Rather, I think we just need, as a nation, to keep a sense of perspective about what we're doing right, and wrong, in the Global War on Terror.

Maybe Gitmo and its operation is a dumbass idea, but it sure as hell ain't Auschwitz, it's not the Hanoi's not even the El Paso County Sheriff's cooler. The comments so far have some saying that it might be a bad move in the long run...and they could be right. (Although I am getting a liiiiitle tired of the "we're fanning the flames of Muslim hatred against us in the Middle East" meme. Please.)

Maybe the perps in the terror war ARE merely (bad word--"actually" might be better) criminals and be treated as such, e.g., tried, convicted and punished or exonerated and set free. The ugly spectre of a fascist slippery slope ending in knocks on your door in the middle of the night was raised as a result of the, ahem, liberties taken at Guantanamo Bay. Personally, I think that's a stretch, but I understand the point. And it's a valid one.

The problem here and now, however, is that the Little Green Men the Dems have become have so utterly self-destructed intellectually (my head exploding analogy...Lileks, I'm not, OK? OK.) that any legitimate comments/critiques and "Now just a damn minute, here!" type stuff is almost sure to be ignored, thanks to an unrelenting rhetorical fallacy from virtually every well-known liberal, whether they be journalists, bloggers, or Congressmen/women.

When Charlie Rangel and company start using "Holocaust" and "Gitmo" in the same sentence, even marginally educated people say, "Eh?"

At least I think they do. OK, maybe I'm being silly, but I think the majority of Americans who feel their country is, by and large, pretty much a nice place to live. The fact that the death camp crematoria don't seem to popping up like mushrooms in the 'burbs has the net effect of making them all look, well, like complete idiots, once they start publicly losing it like Charlie has, effectively marginalizing those who truly do have a relevant, and even correct, counterpoint to current policy. They slide into irrelevancy, buffoonish caricatures of the "loyal opposition" and effectively undermining any legitimate critique of the Administration in power, Dem or GOP.

The Democrats are doing us a disservice in more ways than one and at this point they keep losing because they can't be taken seriously anymore (See: 2004 election for further details). Their job should be to constructively criticize, not hysterically overreact to what are to me, at this point at least, minor (very minor) errors in a war that started with 3000 civilian casualties on American soil.

Now that would be patriotic...