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June 13, 2005

A Couple of thoughts on the Gitmo Flap...

Blackfive asked a question... here's an answer.

I thought I was incapable of being any madder at the knuckleheads in Congress and the media that clog our airways and broadsheets with dishonest drivel on how we should close Gitmo, but the longer you listen to the radio, the more thumbsucking, bedwetting, piss-ant pontificators seem to come out of the woodwork beating their breasts and rending their garments over the "atrocities" at that island detention facility.

I call it a "detention facility" because I doubt there is a local, state or federal prison that paints footprints to guide the guards' steps so as not to disturb them during daily prayers. The floors could squeak, you know.

Nor do I know of a prison that caters to dietary needs as closely as this place does, or wear gloves when handling the Koran so as not to despoil the holy book (which begs the question, is this a tacit admission that we are, as non-Muslims, admitting our spiritual inferiority and inherent uncleanliness?).

I could go on...but I can barely see 'cause my eye's twitching so badly I can barely see. It does that when I'm REALLY pissed.

Trust me, what I went through during Hell Week at the end of my Doolie year at the AF Academy makes what's going on at Gitmo look very, very, very, very tame. Really tame. Babs Streisand talking about Bill Clinton tame. Really tame. Did I mention it is quite tame? And let's not go into Doolie Summer (I still hate the sound of a f---ing whistle...has to do with morning wakeup--ask a grad who's older than 40).

But that's not what really galls. What really galls is what the POWs in Vietnam suffered compared to what these murdering, lying, motley bunch of intellectually stunted, malignant bags of skin in that Cuban resort are "suffering" through. A damn sight less than Cubans, by God, but that's another story...

Remember, the oafish rhetoric from the likes of Rangel (racist), Byden (plagiarist), Kennedy (killer) and Kerry (oh, just a Silly Person) often pays homage to the ghosts of Vietnam--an inapt analogy if there ever was one. (NOTE: I'm not even going near Rangel's reference and comparisons between Gitmo and the Shoa (Holocaust)...I'm just not. There isn't enough Bourbon in the state of Colorado for me to calm down enough to address that obscenity.)

Anyway...I know a couple of POWs.

One sort of looks...funny (not ha-ha funny; weird funny). At first you can't put your finger on it but then it dawns on you: his body shape is, well, not right. His chest is pointy. Yeah, pointy. Well, the reason for that is his sternum split as he was dangling from the ceiling of the torture chamber in Hanoi, suspended by his wrists at the end of arms that had been bound so tightly behind him that his elbows touched. *Crack!* ...and when you heal without treatment, your bones knit strangley sometimes...hence a pointy chest.

Then there was this officer at the Academy when I was a senior. One day I asked him what his worst day was.

Mistake. OK, ladies, imagine you've been beaten so badly you pass out. No big deal. You see it all the time on"24," et al. But now imagine waking up and not being able to move your head. Paralysis, right? After 7years in captivity you think, "S**t, I came all this way only to have my neck broken..."

Not so fast--the story has a happy ending.

As you gradually rise from the depths of a fist/foot/[insert material here] rod pummeling stupor, the horror of permanent quadraplegia generates an involuntary full-body spasm can move.

You. Can. Move.

You're so happy, you practically pass out form relief, joy, the sudden unbearable release. "So why couldn't I move?!?!" A few exploratory slides across the face with swollen hands begins to fill in the picture.


Blood, when it dries, as we all know, coagulates. When your injuries cause bleeding from every orifice above your neck--mouth, nose, ears, even eyes--while you are unconscious on the floor, it sticks your cranium to the concrete as nicely as Elmer's. One good jerk, however, in this case in utter, blinding, noiseless jibbering panic, and boom, no more stick-to-the-floor faux paralysis., given that perspective, someone needs to tell me again why:
al Qaeda residents (no, dammit, they ain't inmates)=victims
American soldiers=(all)crazed sadists who need to be reined in and punished
America=rogue nation that must do penance for such atrocious behavior

I'm sorry...what I know, what I've seen, what I've experienced, continuously reinforces my conviction that America has freed more people from tyranny than any civilization to have inhabited this planet. We've done it with our blood, sweat, tears and breathtaking, mind-boggling and wholly voluntary sacrifice. Do we make mistakes? Of course we do. But ONE bad bunch on ONE shift on ONE night in Abu Ghraib...or ACCIDENTALLY dropping a Muslim holy book on the floor...or whatever...does not a despotism make. I'm pretty sure about this.

Shame on those of us who cannot, nay, will not see that, honor it and press to victory in the bend-over-backwards humane way our people should rightly be renowned for.

God bless America...she's a lot better than our own Congress and press give her credit for...a helluva lot better.

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