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June 10, 2005

Bad day in the 'hood.

Okay. This is *not* work safe if you don't work in a Law Enforcement, Military, or similar office. Even then if you are in an office with sensitive souls, it's probably not a good idea. I stuck the rest in the extended entry to reduce it's Google exposure.

Update: I guess I haven't been clear as people keep linking to this without reading all the way down... Based on further analysis - I do not believe this video shows what it purports to show. I believe as Mike (in the comments) does - it's 'varmint hunting' all right - only the varmints are small furry critters like rock 'chucks, prairie dogs, etc. They ain't human - not being hit by something like a .50 anyway.

If you are surrounded by warriors - you will gather a knot of them.

If you have delicate sensibilities, do *not* download and watch this video.

Trust me. I debated posting it - but since it's spreading like wildfire through military email circles... it's out there already.

Right click and save as - and you were warned, people.

And no, this isn't an advertisement for Barrett. This War, red in tooth and claw.

Why do don't want to attract a Sniper's attention.

But this is part of why Vets don't always want to talk about their experiences - except to other vets. Same thing is true of First Responders.

Update: I was coming here to update this post after studying this video (awful lot of damage for a human being hit by a .50 unless there was a new explosive round I didn't know about - and hey, those SOF guys... who knows what they're building, eh?) and doing some searching and querying - only to find Mike got here firstest with the mostest. The *Senior Gov't Official* who sent it out to us (and I'd gotten it from others)) all talked about snipers and Afghanistan. So, while my post is mostly true in a sense in it's indivdual parts... it ain't true as presented. Unlike a newspaper... I can put my retraction with the original article, and I won't fall back on the "it *could* have been true defense mounted by Dan Rather. Heh - fell victim to scoop-itis, which I *try* not to do!

No sympathy for the MSM, however!

Everything I said is *still* true... and this is a great example of seeing what you've been primed to see. I *hate* it when I do that! Especially in public (red face)