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June 09, 2005

Oh, Krep...

My respect for the American Soldiers and Marines--fighting and dying for their countrymen, now-free Iraqis, the Middle Eastern individual who yearns to be free, and humanity as a whole--knows no bounds.

Yet it increased when I heard this.


Because they keep fighting as fiercely as the first day of the war, despite the appalling statements people, who are proported to be their representatives, make.

What Rangel said was so repulsive it was breathtaking. Of course, what do I know, being a White Male who thinks like the rest of the Republican Borg Collective?

The Democratic Party, and many of its followers, have rendered themselves incapable of understanding what evil is. When that happens, the likelihood that you will experience it increases dramatically. Lucky for us, the American people and their sons and daughters in faraway places, still understand that.

P.S. For those of you wondering where I am, I'll back brief you as soon as I can. Put simply, I'm living the Nike ad...just doing it. Will elaborate soonest. Cheers.