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June 06, 2005

In other news...

The Red Ensign flies at West Coast Chaos! Militant Canadians and their Hanger's On! Excellent job, Temujin!

Mmmmm! Tanks! Aussie Tanks! H/t, Geoff!

BloodSpite visits the battlefield at Prairie Grove. We may have to consider a Castle Trip to Pea Ridge.

Ah, the Insurgents! No doubt they were simply protecting Iraq's cultural heritage from despoiling infidels! I'm sure someone on DU thought it was a *Good Thing* that the insurgents had the artifacts, and a *Bad Thing* that they were recovered. Someone go check, willya? I don't want to have to poke out my eyes.

Speaking of the insurgency-fodder - a NYT piece on Iraq that isn't all that negatively spun... or am I just benumbed?

The troops have always expressed themselves via their music.

The power of images... Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo...

Professor Bacevich will not be happy with this.

What SWWBO sez!. Gotta support the local guys!

For you vehicle collectors/restorers out there - CAPT H sends this worthy project along.

I went to EagleSpeak looking for a Midway link (he is, after all, a sailor) but all I found was this... Bring Back the Mighty Mo! That gets a big hoo-aah from me! I don't care if it's practical or not... just gimme the Big 'Uns!

Interesting development in the UK - I would expect to see similar pressures in big cities in the US if this works for the Brits.

Last, but not least - proud to be a "Son of a Gun" (see comments in post below) even impractical ones like this bronze monster, the Tsar's Gun at the Kremlin in Moscow.

Hi-res, click here.