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June 04, 2005

Welcome back, Chief!

*This is a Castle Party Thread®. All are invited, but it *is* rated PG-17. If a buncha goofs being naughty (not nasty, naughty) offends you, just skip this post... normal stuff is all around and will continue on the morrow! But today we Par-tay!*

[N.B. This pic was 'posed to go up when Bill showed up in the comments... but since the weather kicked our ISP off-line, that didn't happen. Shame to waste the pic, though. The Denizenne's will like the loooong zipper.]

[Ssssh! Everybody - quiet! You too, Neffi, jeez. AFSis has done a great job!]

[But I want *this* to be the first thing Bill sees... his Welcoming Committee! Hee!]

I don't know about you guys, but I've noticed a BillT sized hole in The Castle over the past couple weeks.

But never fear- he's almost here! Bill's coming back from France tonight, so let's throw him a huge welcome back party!

Let's see... we need some party music, like THIS song. And if you like that, you'll love the VIDEO. Of course, with Bill being a rotorhead, perhaps you'd rather watch his helo's in action.

Aight.... the mood is almost set. We need some decorations! Some traditional balloons and streamers...and some not-so traditional funky stuff (because it thought it would be fun to put on a grass skirt and dance around).

Now- the scene is set. We have kickin' music, decorations, and cute little grass skirts to wear (yes- I ordered the guy version of the skirts too). The rest is up to you crazies!

Woot! Woot! Woot! PARTY TIME!

[Heh - here's an *alternative* helo video...]

[We *did* order in Bill's favorite beer coasters...] [N.B. - if this is Monday or beyond (or Sunday, and you surf from Church) this pic is *not* worksafe!]