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June 03, 2005

Interesting news.

We've discussed this here before. Remember the Reservists courts-martialed for cannibalizing vehicles in Iraq?

Odd way for this to end, not that I have any particular heartburn about what LTG Metz chose to do. However, the author of the piece has it wrong - the verdict of the court was *not* overturned. The convening authority (LTG Metz) reduced the punishment, as is his perogative.

Dayton Daily News June 2, 2005

Officer Can Stay In Military

Court-martial overturned, punishment reduced for Kaus

By Cathy Mong, Dayton Daily News

Maj. Catherine Kaus, the former Ohio Army Reserve commander who served a six-month confinement after members of her unit salvaged parts of abandoned Army vehicles in Kuwait to help carry out its mission in Iraq, said "it was a great relief" to learn Wednesday she would not be dismissed from the military.

Kaus, assigned to an auditing job at Fort Sill, Okla., said her attorney, Phil Cave, informed her that the partial clemency limits her punishment to a reprimand, time served in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Cave learned Wednesday from a military criminal attorney that Lt. Gen. Thomas Metz, the theater commander when Kaus was in Iraq, overruled the court-martial in her case and disapproved the 28-year veteran's dismissal from the Army. He also disapproved "contingent confinement," which could have landed Kaus in jail again if she failed to pay the fine on time. The six-month confinement, already served, was approved.

Read the rest, here. (registration required, sorry)

In *other* news from Dayton - an example of concealed carry working...

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