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June 03, 2005

Dusty Lives!

While my troll didn't get him to post, he sent along some illumination regarding the Kosovo Video.

Dusty lives - he's just working hard and getting ready for some hefty life changes.

Instapilot Sends:

I guess not everyone appreciated this little video by the Norwegian soldiers.

I found this after a google search on the movie name.

Statement by the Ambassador of Norway, Hans Ola Urstad

"The Norwegian Ministry of Defence has stated that the matter is being urgently looked into to verify that the soldiers in the video-clip really are Norwegian, and if so to establish their identities. Disciplinary measures will then have to be considered.

As Ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro, I should like to state the following,

If Norwegian KFOR-soldiers, who were in Kosovo on a peace mission to i.a. protect all minorities really have done this, I apologise deeply to all offended by it.

I see this most unfortunate episode as highly regrettable, and sincerely hope that such a lamentable incident may not do serious harm to the long standing and deep friendship between Serbia and Montenegro and Norway."

My reaction? "To His Excellency Mr. Urstad: BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!"


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