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June 03, 2005

Footnotes to the day.

First and foremost... Carnival of the Recipes #42 is up at Conservative Friends. Enjoy!

Some historical notes I overlooked yesterday...


1740 Marquis de Sade, sometime soldier, full time wierdo. 'Nuff said!


1774 Parliament passes the Quartering Act, forcing billetting British
soldiers in homes, and one more straw goes on Colonial America's back.
1866 Repulsed from Canada, Irish Fenians surrender to US forces. One of our numerous failed attempts to conquer Canada.
1914 Glenn Curtiss flies the Langley Aerodrome. One ungainly bird!
1943 All-black 99th Pursuit Squadron flies 1st combat mission, over Italy.
1943 Pope Pius XII denounces air bombardment, is totally ignored. That whole Monastery at Monte Cassino thing must have really chapped him. But I wouldn't say he was ignored completely. The bombing weapons and tactics we have today are directly derived from the concern that large-scale area bombing (we were generally as accurate as we could be, at the time)was not a good thing...

Today, of course, is the anniversary of Tiananmen Square. Check out Bad Cat Robot's recollections.

Stand by for ram on Abu Ghraib again.

If the stuff missing from these sites was not taken by us... this does represent a significant failure in planning for OIF, whether we like the UN on this issue or not...

Not surprisingly, LT Pantano wants out. No arguments from me. If he stays, the controversy will always hang over him, rightly or wrongly, and he'll be a lightning rod.

I'll defer to Dusty - but this strikes me as penny-wise and pound foolish.

New handcannon. This won't be entering the Arsenal holdings any time soon, as we don't do babies, only providing homes to Old Soldiers.

200-grain bullet at a speed of 2,330fps. Reputedly this pistol now ranks as the highest velocity revolver *in production*. And velocity is only a component of the energy equation... but I'm sure I've got some readers who can, and will, elucidate... The Smith and Wesson 460XVR, only $1,253.00. There are several things I want for the arsenal before I shell that much out for some new-fangled thingy! But I know some of you have a regrettable yen for newness...

Mind you, I'm only talking the Arsenal at Argghhh! there... for the troops... mmmm, Ray Guns! And cool cameras. Of course, now the Armorer will be taking photos of the yard periodically and using software to point out anomalies... just in case.

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