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May 28, 2005

SWWBO has assumed a new duty.

Safety Officer. She Who Will Be Obeyed is now in charge of locking up all sharp, pointy things. Cassandra has been delegated to act in her absence (which really means Cassandra will be in charge alla time).

I'm only allowed to use elementary school scissors Correction: plastic knives like you get at airports. No scissors. I run with them.


In unrelated news... Mmmmmm! 15 inch Rodmans (also known as Columbiads) In barbette mounts of the Third System of Coast Defense of the US. While the Columbiads were developed during the Civil War, most of the ones you see around the country are in Third System mounts. The Castle Adjutant notwithstanding (you'd have to ask the hubster about *that* Barbette mounting) a barbette mount is essentially a nose-pivot, originally designed to allow easy traverse and firing from within a fort, firing through an embrasure. The utility of the barbette in open parapet mounts like this is the service of the piece. Since they are muzzle-loaded, keeping the muzzle in the same general place simplifies and speeds up crew drill in loading.

Hi-res here.

This pic was emailed to me with no further explanation, anybody know where these two monsters are?

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