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May 26, 2005

I've been in internet hell today...

So, maybe this will post, maybe not!

Why didn't I spend a lot of electrons on the Women in Combat thing? I never thought the bill would pass. For once, on something political, I was right.

Advice for the day:

Given some of the discussion on the Ersatz Tiger below - does anyone know which museum has this one? Bovington, St Cyr, Tankograd? It's an 11meg video, dial-up users should right-click and save-as.

Next, we have this - a pdf of an alleged Terrorist Sniper Training Manual that was pulled off of a terrorist website by a government civilian and made into a PowerPoint presentation, which he then sent to several websites (not us, different sourcing) as a service to the troops.

I have a different take on this. With it's focus on Geneva Convention issues, and seeming solicitous concern for collateral damage... this is an agitprop piece, not a training manual. While many of the things in this bit *are* useful considerations for the sniper... *I* do not believe this is anything other than a propaganda piece. But I made it into a pdf for your viewing pleasure, anyway.

Click Here.

Update - upon rereading (and Ry's comment), I'm being unclear. I think this is propaganda from the jihadi side, for western consumption. The use of agitprop was inapt.

The charges against LT Pantano have been dropped. Looks like justice was served here, even if LT Pantano might justifiably feel a little chewed up and spit out.

The Distaff side speaks out - For Love and Country.