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May 24, 2005

Oh, I wanna be a Powerpoint Ranger!

From Battalion Staff to Joint Staff... we've been here, done that.

Via CAPT H (apparently Her Majesty's Northern Horde are afflicted, too). This is now officially a Joint and Combined Post! (Those who know, know.)

Order a PowerPoint Stand-down

Captain E. Tyler Wooldridge III, U.S. Navy (Retired)
Proceedings, December 2004

A recent study by a Washington think tank found that children now spend more time playing computer games and watching television than they do reading. Subsequent to the report’s publication, child education and psychology experts speculated about the long-term effects this trend could have on children’s development. They cited such risks as failing to develop critical thinking skills, inability to interact with people, and inadequate physical activity.

The military should be concerned about fostering those same flaws in its junior officers. In this case, however, the culprit is PowerPoint. The art of creating a PowerPoint brief frequently has become a substitute for real planning, thoughtful discussion, and cogent analysis. The military should worry it is not breeding innovative thinkers.

Read the rest here, in the The Proceedings of the Naval Institute.

For those of us already afflicted with the curse of being a Powerpoint Ranger, you can at least get recognition of same:

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