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May 21, 2005

Okay - today is get SWWBO to London day... things will prolly be slow.

1. Bacevich's book. Thumbnail review (much more to follow): The New American Militarism is ALL YOUR FAULT, Jane and Joe Sixpack, for not being willing to live the life of a monk. It's a little more complicated than that - but, distilled, y'all are just too damn stupid to cut back on consumption, and you punish anyone who suggests that you do so - so, all the military adventurism of the last 40 years is laid squarely at your feet. More on that later. Despite what I just typed, I actually agree with much of what he writes. Amazing how two people can look at the same data, but draw different conclusions based on personal bias.

2. Neffi sent a picture. Since I posted pics of what Neffi considers a 'holder' (see bottom of post immediately below) he decided to send along pics of his collection of what I consider to be impedimenta... purty tho.

Mmmmm. Corsair!

MMMMMmmmm, Bofors! *Aerial* Bofors!

Best yet - Airborne Artillery!

Yes, ladles and germs, the last two are looking at the *inside* of an AC-130 Gunship.

And, in a vaguely naughty-looking pic, here's a Gatling on a gunship - from the outside.

Oh, what the heck. One more. For Commander Salamander, regarding his interest in channeling Admiral Yamamoto on BRAC...

Mmmm - Faux Long Lances hanging under faux-Kates.

And lastly, why do we do this? Because we can, of course. Simply because we can...

Gotta love an Air Show!

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