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May 17, 2005


Here's an interesting little spud. Anybody know what it is?

UPDATE: New commenter (may be a long time lurker) Sean has narrowed it down to what I'm accepting as a working hypothesis for the gun itself - an Oerlikon M23 20mm - in this particular case, a Finnish gun. Now to see if we can take that info and find something about the gun in the configuration in the picture - and what *looks* to be a Brit manning it.

UPDATE 2: Bingo! He shoots, he scores! Using the data than Sean ferreted out, I found this:

The Oerlikon 1 Pdr. anti-tank gun was mounted on leaf sprung tracks in British service in order to be towed behind Carden Loyd T.9 tracked carriers and Mk.I Universal carriers. The weapon was withdrawn from active duty in 1938 when the 2 Pdr. became available. It was again issued to some Home Guard units during 1940 in preperation for the German invasion that never came. It also served as a anti-tank gunnery range trainer throughout the war. The weapon had no shield fitted.

No pic provided... I'm still looking for that!

UPDATE 3: And Sanger (of course, his *pride* gets wrapped up in beating me to things like this... 8^D) has scored a picture.

Well, I was right about the airplane, that took about an hour. Obviously too many aviation geeks 'round here. That must be a record for the other... pretty much 24 hours. I finally found a challenge worthy of the crowd!

I figure the a/c grognards will figure this one out in moments...