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May 17, 2005

TINS! A contest...

Okay, I've provided some radio (and intercom) calls directed at me (or about me, which is worse) during the course of some fairly lively flying. Here's the deal: pick a quote and the one garnering the most votes becomes the subject of the next TINS.

One quote, one vote, and no fair sneaking in under different loginids (good thing Dbie the AFSister is still in Mickey World -- I've totally lost track of how many different personae she is these days). And, there's still time to blow her thread right through into last week, gang -- she won't be back 'til Wednesday!

All right, then. There should be somethin' or other down there to appeal to just about everybody...

1. “Ooops!” [#1] -- from a gunship, two seconds after his rocket hit the (flooded) paddy I was just about to land in. Right underneath me. Instant concussive waterfall.

2. “Holy sh*t! They said Charlie didn’t have any flak down here! One-Five, are any of you guys still alive in there?”

3. “Ooops!” [#2] -- from a different gunship, one nanosecond before my crewchief screamed that a rocket had just passed between our right skid and the belly of the aircraft.

4. “Hey, One-Five, you look like Niagara Falls. I thought those fuel cells were supposed to be self-sealing.”

5. “Aaaaah! One-Five’s dead!” -- from my copilot, right after I took a direct hit in the chicken plate that slammed me flailing off the controls while we were at flat pitch in an LZ. I thought I was dead and his squeak didn’t do anything to lessen my depression.

6. “Sir? The world’s biggest tracer just came offa Nui Coto an’ -- geez, it’s following us!” -- my introduction to the game of helicopter vs. heat-seeking missile. I won. Barely.

7. “Chalk Four, you’ve still got a tailboom. Couldn’t say for how much longer, though.”

8. “The SEALs are ready for pickup, sir. Along with about a platoon of VC on the other side of the treeline they’re in.”

9. “Sector TOC wants you to check out a possible 37mm site west of Nui Hon Soc. The others they sent there never called in.”

10. “Hey, One-Five -- uhh, ya do know yer on fire, don’t ya?”

Heh. The polls are open...