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May 15, 2005

Peering around the 'sphere this morning...

Out of the blue, a German emailed this: Der Spiegel (trans: The Mirror) with an english-language article looking at an elephant in the living room: Muslim 'honor killings' in Germany. While you're there, click on the WWII retrospective in the sidebar - or, if you're too lazy to look for it - click here: Interesting viewpoints from the German side. Want a way to sample many Germans feel today? *Especially* the ones born after the war? How many of we whites feel personal responsibility for slavery - or even the Jim Crow aftermath, up to, say, 1964 or so? If you don't feel a personal sense of responsibility, but rather a more detached sense of "that was then, this is now" I think you can get a feel for how a 30-40 something German might feel about the war. I can even see where they get a (mistaken, but honestly felt) sense of victimhood. For them growing up, many cities still had rubble piles and bombed out blocks - I remember that from when I was kid living in Germany. And there were all those relatives that were only pictures on the wall, and the tales of property lost, etc. Yes, yes, I know - that was all over Europe, and especially Eastern Europe - not my point. I'm just offering it up as a way to understand why Germans of the general age of the readership of this blog might not feel quite the way we'd think regarding WWII.

Dave Chappelle - while I wasn't that enamored of his show, I've always liked his comedy... and I find this interview fascinating - how many people moving in the orbit he does, takes a good look at the sycophants that cluster about star power and money and find them wanting?

Novak is reporting that high-level Republicans in the House think that Hillary just might be unbeatable. Given the current slate of idiot spineless Republicans, they might be right. If so, serves the Republicans right, so to speak. I find the Republican Senate cohort to be lamentable, even if my own two Senators, Brownback and Roberts, aren't too bad the whole party is tainted by the inability of the leadership to Lead. And if the Dems regain the Senate and the White House, we know the Republicans in the Senate will just roll over and not fight tooth and nail for what they believe, like the Democrats do. Sigh. Three years away and I'm already depressed.

Sorry Presidente Fox - when Mexico affords Gringos the same rights in Mexico it demands for Mexicans in the US, I might start listening to what you have to say with something other than a sense of exasperation.

Hmmm. Poverty + Opportunity = Conservatism? Bogus Gold thinks so.

Over at Dean's World, Joe Gandelman starts dissecting a movie that will debut at Cannes which appears to be Celsius 911 (Michael Moore with a Brit accent).

The Queen of All Evil finds she lives a few blocks away from a Cops Episode.

SWWBO is doing maintenance. And she's a Brute. By contrast, I'm a Spiteful Loner.

Cassandra, as ever the eclectic - wonders what's wrong with women... and points out an odd Islamic practice...

Barb is seeing double.

Alan has the first Ribs of summer!

Punctilious asks a question. Come to think of it - so did Barb.

Castle Philosopher Kat on Guns.

Bad Cat Robot lays out reality if *She* was Evil Overlord!

AFSis is in Disneyworld celebrating Mr. Sister's 40th... but she left the keys to her blog under the doormat... Par-tay!

Jack ruminates on Star Wars. He also offers his take on the Bolton nomination. All in all Jack, I think you're going to like a Hillary Administration one heckuva lot more than the current one.

SGT B still has little patience for people who whine, yet do nothing about that which makes them whine. T'was ever thus: Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, criticize.

I'm going to brunch.