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May 15, 2005

Mea culpa.

I have been remiss. More than a few of you have asked how things are going, so, just to keep everybody in the loop, here's an update.

Ummmm--but first, about Kate the LudditeWife. I've mentioned her and her aversion to the triple-dub world a couple of times (to expressions of utter disbelief), so here's KtLW in Context:

KtLW: "It's after midnight! What are you doing on that %$#@! computer?"
Me [glancing at watch]: "It's only 9:45. I'm re-working my resumé and getting ready to send--"
KtLW: "Turn off that computer and do something about getting a job! Call somebody!"
Me: "It's a quarter to ten at night. I don't think there are too many--"
KtLW: "Well, call somebody who's still awake and get a job!"

Even I couldn't make that up. Or this:

[*telephone rings*]

Me: "Hello?"
Kelly: "Hi, Bill, it's Kelly. Is Kate home?"
[note: Kelly is a thirtysomething single mom we've known for a couple of years. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is "No."]
Me: "Hi, Kelly. She's out boosting the local economy. She should be back in an hour or so."
Kelly: "Cool. Could'ja tell her to call me when she gets back?"
Me: "Sure."
Kelly: "Thanks. Toodles."
Me: " 'Bye."

One hour later.

KtLW [exiting garage]: "Get the packages out of the trunk. Did anybody call?"
Me: "Kelly. She'd like you to give her a call."
KtLW: "What were her exact words?"
Me: "Uhhh--'Is Kate home? Could'ja have her give me a call? Thanks.' "
KtLW: "And did you get a phone number?"
['nother note: KtLW and Kelly yak on the phone about five times a week]
Me: "Well, I kind of thought you already knew her number."
KtLW: "There you go again--stop thinking and do something intelligent for a change!" *flounces into house*

So, that's kinda how things are with me--same-old, same-old. Thanks for asking...

And how are things with you?