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May 10, 2005

Random Rounds.

Update: Oh! Oh! And I just *had* to add this, from Marginal Revolution.

Almost literally random rounds.

This is why CAPT H picks on me. While I don't suffer it from him, Neil can say anything he wants, and I won't argue. But Neil won't argue that artillery *can't* put a crank in a tank... Hat tip to Chris M for pointing it out. Hi-res, click here.

The thoughts of Canadians Militant and their fellow travelers are up for your perusal as London Fog hoists the Red Ensign Standard for the 21st time it has snapped at the top of the pole..

Speaking of Militant Canadians... "OTTAWA - Canada is making plans to send peacekeeping troops to the war-ravaged Darfur region of Sudan by summer's end. "
Hat tip: CAPT H.

Let's not let "Combat Zoneitis" infect our leadership, fellas. Sometimes the junior-enlisted/officer perception of "Mickey Mouse Chickenshit" is wrong (not always!) and it's simply good leadership. Being anal about weapons safety is not chickenshit.

Congress does it's usual fine job of larding things up - from both sides of the aisle. Nothing gets your pet project funded faster than tacking it onto must-pass legislation - espcecially if no one would vote to fund it in a stand-up fashion.

Oh, and about that quagmire and those Iraqis who don't support the on-going rebuilding of their nation and government... (aside from the fact that most of the insurgents doing the killing, at least with murder bombings, aren't Iraqi...) how does KOS and Co. spin this (someone can go look, I just get crazy)? From the email:

Atch is an absolutely fascinating opinion poll, released today. IRI conducts the only truly national and representative polls in Iraq, although still limited by a lack of polling in parts of Anbar, Nineweh, and Dohuk provinces.

This poll is not down in the weeds on issues only Iraqi geeks like me care about, but hits high-level issues of rights and governance.

Notable features include:

1) A tremendous upswing in optimism throughout Iraq, except in Baghdad itself (slides 7-10)

2) Iraqi views on civil liberties, with primacy on freedom from arbitrary arrest, torture, and secret trials (slides 15-17, 50)

3) Preferences on government structure (33-38), federalism (42-45), and the role of Islam (47-49).

4) By 70%-14%, Iraqis believe the Sunni should be able to contribute to writing the constitution. (53)

5) And perhaps the most stunning result (55): 52% believe the 25% quota for women in the legislature should be kept, and 25% believe it should be increased!

I'll post the survey briefing itself after I get it pdf'd and uploaded.

UPDATE: Finally. Here's the briefing on the poll.

I'm guessing the Heartless Libertarian, Barb, Bad Cat Robot, and Sergeant B will *all* appreciate this link sent in by frequent commenter (and bucking to join the Castle Contrarian Crowd) Ry - regarding accountant's views of recent electoral events... By the way, Dave - "Blissninny", I likes it!