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May 09, 2005

Okay, back to work!

To open: American soldiers can find some things unerringly.

SWWBO and I took a blog-break this weekend. I kinda checked the comments, to make sure the PG-17s weren't being whacked on with hammer and tongs, but other than that, we pretty much took a break. SWWBO has been harder hit than I by whatever bug we've been sharing, but we pretty much were just alcohol-infused slugs this weekend. I *did* score SWWBO a one-hour massage (from her favorite salon) for Mother's Day.

Many of you kept the torches lit, and the mailbox gnome was kept busy sorting.

Speaking of lit torches... this is a good idea because...?

CAPT H showed up with links to the Canadian War Museum in their newly-opended digs... pointing to the Art Exhibit. Paul Jane' of All Agitprop All The Time, points out some vets have problems with the exhibit. Hat tip to Baldilocks, who notes other problems around the blogs... and has more info somewhat answering Jack's questions (and mine) about Abu Ghraib accountability. (Note to Jack - because the punishments were non-judicial or administrative, the Privacy Act keeps us from knowing exactly what happened - but trust me - NJP (non-judicial punishment) is a career-killer that amounts to a fine of potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost promotion, lost years of pay, and reduced pension).

SWWBO wasn't a complete slug - she did her usual job of managing the Carnival of the Recipes, hosted this week at Technogypsy.

Prince Harry is going to Sandhurst. Five weeks away from his girlfriend! Poor sod.

Indomitable men in flimsy ships - Lieutenant Commander Eric Walmsley, RN.

And, of course, CAPT H can't resist a little poke in the eye... which would work, if I was a West Point Grad - but I'm not, having preferred playing marginal (but winning) football at Mizzou to attending the Military Academy. I'm referring of course, to the Sandhurst Competition, pitting cadets of the United States Miltary Academy, West Point, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and Royal Military College, Kingston against this course and each other. Congrats to the Canadians, who finally managed to drag out a victory, for the first time ever, after an eternity of seeing West Point and Sandhurst heels...

Heh. Try to ping me, John? Hah!

Here. Go waste some bandwidth and destroy corporate/government productivity. Hat tip (or curses) Jack H.

Oh - and since two of us are Jonah's Military Guys, how can we *not* send you here? The money I used to send NPR goes there, to the Blogfather, now.

To close: Some people can't make up their mind what they want to do...

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