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May 05, 2005

May 5, 2005

Busy day in history.

If you're a conspiracy fanatic - Napoleon died this day in 1821.

If you're Mexican - or an Gringo who looks for an excuse to Party - it's the 143rd opportunity to slam Tequila in celebration of the Cinco de Mayo. How many of your partyers actually know what's being celebrated?

If you are an Italian Patriot, 145 years ago today Garibaldi and The Thousand landed in Sicily

If you like Gun Pr0n, 63 years ago, in 1942, the Japanese landed on Corregidor, capturing these guns.

Hi-res, click here. (take a look at the tube)

Hi-res, click here.

The Mortars, I believe, are the only M1890 12-inch seacoast mortars left in existence. If I ever win the lottery or somehow gather a Gatesian fortune - I'll see if the Phillipine government won't let me buy one of those mortars and return it to the US, probably to install it someplace like Fort Monroe, where the mortar pits are still in pretty good shape... Barb will like this - Battery Way. Hat tip to John S for sending along the pictures from his trip!

If you are an Oregonian, you can commemorate your WWII civilian casualties caused by the pointless Japanese weapon, The Balloon Bomb. Lesson learned here - leave UXO alone. Even if you don't know it's UXO (UneXploded Ordnance).

44 years ago - Alan Shepard became the 1st American in space. Yuri Gagarin holds the title for Humanity, chinese claims notwithstanding...

But perhaps, most importantly in my little window on the world, from last night at sundown until today at sundown, it's Yom Ha-Shoah Ve-Hagevurah. The Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and the Heroism. The Heroism being the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Charles Simmins, of the blog You Big Mouth, You! notes that 60 years ago today, the soldiers of the 89th Division overran Ohrdruf.

I'm not jewish. But I believe the Holocaust happened. And I, too, should like that "someone remember there once lived a person named David Berger."

Not because David should be exalted above other names and deaths just as worthy - including anyone you know who has died - but because by putting a name, and a face to the David Bergers of the Holocaust, we help to combat the reality of Stalin's observation: "The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic."

Nie Wieder.

"Towards the end of the trip, we visited Ohrdruf and, to our surprise (although we had been forewarned) found nothing, absolutely nothing. All traces of it had disappeared. There is only a graveyard for POWs and a German Army Training Camp. It was like it never existed. But it did and we can testify to it personally." All of the horrors of the last sixty years have numbed us. A bombed wedding party in Afghanistan becomes the equivalent of the German camps, and so on. You cannot put a qualification on evil, but acts such as these cry out to us through the passing decades to be remembered.