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May 02, 2005

Looking around the world today...

Feeling a little better, thought I would venture out.

First, via CAPT H - The Aussies stand Tall.

Second - some Cannoneer Zen, from West Point.

Moving on - Ry sent me a great picture, but rather than post it - I'm going to link to Neptunus Lex, where Ry found it - and you can follow Lex's link to Joatmoaf - for a great story about Convertible Tomcats.

CAPT H, trying to cheer me up, sent along three more wonderful Brit obituaries. John and I both were amused at how Wing Commander Briggs made his way into the Coldstream Guards. "Eh?" you say? *Wing Commander Briggs* of the Guards? That's why you need to read the obits!

Lastly from CAPT H comes this little bit - by someone who shares my view exactly of the Airbus 380 (and any American product Boeing chooses to develop to compete) and its impact on air travel. I said in this space before - shoveling more people into the aircraft for airports which are not structured to handle the throughput is *not* going to be an improvement for the traveler.

SWWBO wants some kewl bobbleheads... and while watching a CSPAN interview of Charles Krauthammer - discovered she was a Neocon. And took this quiz to prove it to herself. My, she's come a long way from being a Democratic Party Block Captain and Ward Boss...

Castle Philosopher Kat has been out tilting at Moonbats. She's being challenged by an atheist... and responding. Then, like that Academic Submariner at Unconsidered Trifles, she's been taking on Andy Bacevich and his meme of the New American Militarism. Yes, I have an opinion, but I've got to read the book, first!

Cassandra on "governing by poll" and her favorite (not) columnists!

Castle Proletarian Alan on Marx, Menshevic and Civic Republicism.

Punctilious looks, sez, "No thanks!"

Barb finds out she's, well, not quite what we'd expect!

Bad Cat Robot channels Shiva... She also questions how much Sapience resides in Homo Sapiens.

AFSister just stopped in for a Coke - but got a lesson in life.

Chief Contrarian Jack weighs in with subtlety. Extra credit if you don't have to think about it. He's also keeping an eye on the French and the upcoming vote on the EU constitution. (He lives in France). Jack thinks Chirac will probably pull it off.

To wrap up this Denizen(+) link-fest, we'll close with SGT B suffering a bout of empathy, and doing a little spotlighting....