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April 29, 2005

More intercepted Guardian Angel Traffic.

Since SPC Heartless Libertarian no longer needs the extra Guardian Angel detail, it appears that ANGCOM has diverted the team to MSG Keith, to keep him safe from "short-timer-itis!"

Subject: Status

Acer -- you aren't going to believe this, but they've changed our orders *again*. At first I thought they were going to send us back to the Tuttle detail, but by the time the stun charge wore off the guys had confirmed we're headed for Afghanistan. Good news is this Keith fellow doesn't fly helicopters. Bad news is he flys *in* them, and likes to take pictures while hanging out open bay doors. It's enough to make you grow scales.

Did you have any luck changing Pookie's status?

Stay light,


Carbo you damn bomb magnet. Who the hell did you piss off at ANGCOM? And thanks a bundle for leaving us Tuttle. We asked for volunteers (direct order for that, BTW) and I've never seen so many deaf GAs in my celestial lifetime. Got a couple of juniors to step up. They think they are badasses, THAT detail ought to set them straight.

Look, bud, Pookie is a *stuffed bear*. You can't claim him as a dependent, OK? Even if Mental Health told you to take care of him.

Watch yer six,

Hat tip to Bad Cat Robot, who runs the Castle Intercept Service.

Update: Bill isn't the only one to be hard on his Guardian Angels:

Seven soldiers awarded Distinguished Flying Crosses

Those are Silver Star equivalents, folks. Second *Third* only to the Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross. Those are some abused angels!

Hat tip: Heartless Libertarian.