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April 29, 2005

Break time.

Okay, the brief is off to my boss for hacking and slashing, and since I'm not at work on their equipment, I can post... my temp is rising, so any bad english or typos will be blamed on that.

Bill has noted I like posting pics of aircraft in distress.

Guilty. Have to remind myself they *earn* that extra pay.

So, what's wrong with this pic? (heh. Yer all bein' nice to me today - more properly, what's wrong with the *airplane* in this pic?)

Take a good look, and after you guess, hit the extended entry for the answer. Since the spring-butts will put the answer in the comments - make your guess and hit the extended entry before scanning the comments. More fun that way, I would think.

Lesson? Supply enough energy, anything will fly.

Of course, I suppose that is *why* helicopters fly at all...

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