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April 27, 2005

News you can use.

Dusty noted the anniversary below, and some people (who *really* don't understand how the military works) in other places have commented on "How could someone who was involved in Eagle Claw become Chief of Staff?" I dunno, mebbe because as a senior Captain your part in the planning wasn't that huge... just a guess. Anyway - General Schoomaker, also a veteran of Desert One in Iran, took part in activiites commemorating the event. I can anticipate some of the snarks already...

Two steps forward, one step back. We adapt, so do they. Obviously, the Flags have been sent out to "Get Out The Word." They have to, the Usual Suspects are playing their Usual Refrain. Of course, the Government's own reports on the subject highlight the issue.

In it's attempts to help modernize personnel management, the Pentagon has a novel idea... when trying to decide who to let go during a Reduction In Force (RIF) use performance, rather than length of service, as a determining criteria. They are also building rules that would protect Veterans. I'm a cynic. While I support hiring preferences for veterans, I *do not* support a retention preference. They should have to be as good as the rest of the survivors of a RIF, in this veteran's humble opinion. Second layer of cynicism - if performance evaluations become a determinate - inflation will set in, and quickly. Still - they gotta try!

Some of my current work is in support of this initiative. That's all I got to say about it, other than I think the REF is a Good Thing.

In other news - Punctilious has a very good Denizen Round Up over at her place.

Rusty Shackelford over at My Pet Jawa has an interview series going that covers US hostages in Iraq. Go read Damned in the West.

Ry sends along this snippet from the New York Times about Canda's latest incarnation of the Canandian War Museum, to be rededicated in it's new digs on May 8, the 60th anniversary of VE-Day. It is on the Castle's list of Places to Visit.

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