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April 25, 2005

Out of the ashes...

Twenty-five years ago yesterday, a couple of classmates of mine went on a mission from which many did not return. One of my buds was laid up in the burn center at Brooks for awhile but he's OK now. The Air Force took the most casualties (5 dead) and the Marines came in second (3 dead). Many were captured and the snake-eaters supporting the op almost got bagged to boot.

Fast forward...the sole USAF helo pilot involved, Col (Ret) Russell "Rotor" Rakip, died this past year and when he did, the blue suiters lost a fighter.

Desert One sucked, but out of the ashes rose what is today the most formidable special forces capability on the face of the earth. Colonel Rakip helped make it so. I never knew him, but my classmates did and they miss him...a lot.

Rest in Peace, Rotor. You made a difference...probably more than you know.

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