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April 20, 2005

In other news.

The Queen of All Evil marks her Blogiversary! Yay Rosemary!

SWWBO has been having a rough trip to New Orleans so far. She needs advice on Laptop Repair, discovers Prodigal Son is looking at moving in with TWO chicks this summer (oh, and some poopyhead dented her rental car), and is a touch annoyed at all the people who A: aren't Catholic, but feel they should have had a voice in the selection of the Pope (talk about *Unclear on the Concept!*), and B, feel the Pope should modernize the Church to reflect current tastes, fads, and trends... (see *Unclear on the Concept*). Ya want that - be a Unitarian. Or, of late, Episcopalian.

Speaking of Pope Benedict XVI... what's with the Moonbats and the Nazi thing? (HT: Confederate Yankee)

Lessee - 14 year old boy enrolled in Hitler Youth. Because it was mandatory. Yep, definite *Nazi* there. Enrolled as a "Flak-hilfer", as were many youngsters too young for full military service. This during a time when enemy bombers were overhead almost daily, knocking things flat. Again, this makes the guy a Nazi sympathizer? Sounds to me it makes him rational. Those bombers are *killing* his friends and family. Knocking flat *his* home and schools... burning *his* cities.

We're talking a high-schooler here, in the middle of a war, where people are dangling from lamp-posts or slumped against walls with holes in their chests for arguing about things - and somehow this taints him? Puh-leeze. I'd give John Kerry a break on that, and I won't give him much of a break on anything.

Finally gets drafted into the Reich Labor Service (as was just about every available male not already carrying a rifle or building tanks) is sent to build defensive works - and manages to desert from that (during a time when deserters were shot for sport by the authorities) and that is cited as more proof of Nazi sympathy.

Looks to me like survival in a war zone during the diminuendo of a bad war.

Of course, if the Nazi meme doesn't work, they'll start calling him a deserter.


No, I'm not Catholic, either. I was raised a 'piskie and never confirmed in anything - but I *do* sit on three boards for Catholic Charities... why? Because they do Good Stuff, well. And at least locally, where I see the financials, efficiently (which has nothing to do with me - it was true before I showed up). it *is* bemusing to get letters from the Bishop addressed "Dear Senior Catholic Leader"... when I'm a Weddings and Funerals kind of church-goer.

Gerry, over at Daly Thoughts has a good 'Reax to the Pope' post. The fact that *we* are included should *not* cause you to believe we were unduly influenced!

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