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April 20, 2005

With Denizen Status....

...comes responsiblity. Like any good quasi-military organization, we have administrivia and an administrator for same. The following has been brought to my attention:


TO: J Donovan, Armorer, Commanding, Castle Argghhh!
FROM: B Way, Adjutant
RE: Roster and Personnel records


You asked for a status on the Roster and Personnel project. I regret to report that I have been unable to provide the final report due to the lack of natal day intel for various denizens. I have made direct appeals to those who are non-compliant, which filled in several spots, but I am still missing 4 or 5.

In one case of deliberate insubordination, a certain individual did NOT provided the requested information through the proper channels, but has published it improperly in an unsecured Public Forum.

I therefore have to request an extension of the due date for the final report.

B Way

Get with the program, or I will cry "Havoc!" and let slip the Scrup'ls of Argghhh! That or I'll set Punctilious on you. I've *seen* how she handles children. You people would be easy.