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April 18, 2005

The Future of the Army

The American Enterprise Institute held a conference earlier this month on the Future of the Army. I would have liked to go, but I don't sit high enough up in the structure of my firm to get them to pay for it without doing a big paper justifying it - and didn't know about it early enough to write the paper... so, I settle for things like the Cliff's Notes of the conference. Given the spirited discussion of the Ralph Peter's piece in this space - I thought I would provide this, too. And no, for those who are wondering - I don't work for the company the author of these notes does.

As ever with symposia like this - the common threads and the disagreements are more informative of the debate than any single detail.

Click here for the pdf. You'll at least need Acrobat Reader (a free applet).

There is more detail (including a transcript of GEN Schoomaker's remarks) available at the AEI website.

For you sailors, Admiral Vern Clark will be the keynote at the Future of the Navy Conference on 10 June.