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April 16, 2005

For the Denizens...

Delivery today. The PG-17 managed to stumble over and dazedly sign for it. Right now it's wandering around humming some sea shanty...

Bad Cat Robotics Laboratory, Ltd.
Product Number: XP7002598
Production Type: Custom
Product Name: Custom Personal Chandelier
Customer: Were-Kitten

-Exterior: cut crystal drops, high-density laser-reflective
-Interior: top-grain Moroccan leather (customer color choice:____________)
-Propulsion/Steering: Experimental Anti-gravity Node #27, quick-response steering package, alternate/backup flight controls (tail, felinoid)

Additional Features:
-Cloaking Mode (NOTE: experimental! Will not work if doused in chocolate or other opaque material)
-2 mounted high-velocity water pistols with hot-switchable tanks (provided: distilled water, cheap cologne)
-Propulsion Automodes: Oscillation, Gentle Rocking, Random High-Speed (evasive), Target Tracking (requires GPS or transponder signal)
-Temperature-regulated chocolate storage locker.

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