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April 11, 2005

Today in History

Having had to come home to put the Exterior Guard out (they don't do Guard Mount in Thunderstorms) I find that SangerM is all excited about today in history, sending these three tidbits:

1951 McArthur was Relieved. The Executive asserts his primacy over the miltary.

1961 Adolf Eichmann On Trial Adolf would end up at the wrong end of a rope.

1990 SuperGun going to Iraq Siezed

To which I would add:

1814 Napoleon's first abdication; next stop, Elba. Sour looking little spud, ain't he?

1862 Rebels surrender Ft Pulaski, Georgia. Significant in that this massive masonry fort was reduced very quickly - by rifled artillery... sounding the death knell of the utility of this particular type of fortification.

1865 Lincoln urges a spirt of generous conciliation during reconstruction. Andrew Johnson's Presidency almost foundered trying to carry it out. Failure to take this approach in WWI gave us WWII...

1898 President McKinley asks for Declaration of War against Spain -the US tries a little Imperialism on for size. Likes the fit, at least short term:

1899 Treaty of Paris; Spain cedes Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam to US. The war was fought according to JTG's principles, however. You have to be a *real* Denizen to get that one!

1900 USN accepts its first submarine, the USS Holland.

1933 Hermann Goering becomes Premier of Prussia.

1941 Germans "Coventryize" Conventry, England, a decision many german city-dwellers, especially in Hamburg, Berlin, and Dresden, were to come to bitterly regret.