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April 10, 2005

A Milbleg.

I'm not eligible, no longer being active duty military, but many of you are. Greyhawk forwards this (I *could* grumble about not being a 'big enough' Milblogger to catch Hewitt's/Santi's eye... but I won't. Oh wait. I just did.

Regardless, those who feel the touch of Calliope, Euterpe, Erato, or possibly Polyhymnia, regardless of the possible conjoint influence of Thalmia and Melpomene (huh, what the futz izzee talking about?) should consider this (if they haven't run screaming away from all that classics reference):

Milblogger poets - your chance for fame and fortune awaits. I've submitted an entry already. The remainder of this is a forward on behalf of a gentleman with the Hugh Hewitt program. Greyhawk _______________

The Hugh Hewitt Show is a syndicated center-right political talk show on AM radio in the US. Each month , we drop politics for a segment and do about fifteen minutes on a poet or poetry theme. On April 26 we are planning a segment on poetry written by active duty military. I am trying to contact as many milblogs as I can and get contributions and permission to read them on the air. If I get enough, I am even thinking of trying to get a publisher interested in doing a book. I am looking for everything from hip-hop to lyrics to straight poetry.

Send poem submissions with a short note giving permission to read on the air to

Also, please pass this e-mail around to as many milblogs and active military as you can. I'm a poet-pundit on a deadline.

Tarzana Joe
(Joe Santi)

Apparently Joe doesn't want any *gay* poetry...