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April 10, 2005

Let's go visiting Denizens this morning!

Alan, of Gen-X at 40 ponders Canadian politics. Specifically, how what passes for an opposition in Canada is so weak, that even a *huge* financial scandal involving the current government essentially has no measureable effect on Canadian voters - who would prefer to keep the crooks they have, than the cranks they perceive as the alternative - if I were a Tory leader in Canada today, I would just quietly pack up and find different work. Pathetic. Not looking at it from *inside* Canada, it also seems a touch perilous for Canadian Democracy - either they just *don't* really care, which is bad enough, but recoverable, or the bemusingly sought-after homogeniety of political thought in Canada has been achieved... and the ruling power can do as it pleases.

Of course, I thought things like that at times during the Clinton administration, and have since discovered my political acumen is, well, lacking.


Cassandra wants to know why her tax dollars are being wasted. Specifically, the marksmanship training - after all, if we're targeting the journalists... WHY ARE ANY STILL ALIVE over there?

Punctilious has a certain verbal restraint which you will find a blessed palliative to the verbal "runs" we suffer here. There! I took twenty-four words to link to her 7. Her husband, Rammer, is a bit more loquacious, but still a paragon of brevity.

Barb wonders 'bout blogging.

The Snarkatron has some *more* thoughts on blogs. The Snarkster is a dry wit, best savored slowly. There is much packed 'twixt the lines.

*Someone* needs to pick up the pace a bit... (see Snarker's first paragraph...)

Jack, in his role as He Who Seeks The Perfect Equilibrium In All Things (yes, Jack, mild snark) is now taking to task the bloggers who ran with the "Schiavo Talking Points Memo" as a liberal conspiracy for not, essentially, printing retractions. And well he should. I don't think we here at Castle Argghhh! ever even mentioned it in passing - I didn't like the story that much. Might have linked to it somewhere, but certainly didn't join the frenzy like we *did* during Memogate. I'm pretty sure we don't have any retractions to print - but if we do, *someone* will point it out! That *is* one of the jobs of the Castle Contrarians!

Sergeant B, Chief of Castle Security has some advice on the subject of... Security.

To wrap this Denizen Fest up - the Castle Philosopher Kat points out something - the word "hero" doesn't belong to the person it's applied to - it belongs, in a sense, to the people who bestow it. MSG Keith - if you're reading this - *This* link's for you, fella.