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April 09, 2005

Meaningless Maundering

*sigh* Engage in mortal combat with a rampaging river and what do I find upon my return?

John of Argghhhh!!! briefed on April 6, 2005 06:22 PM
Ah, we have our Female Bill!

What? kat-missouri a Female *me*? A foul canard if ever there was one!

She’s younger, better-lookin’, doesn’t have a problem with short-term memory lapses, cheekier [*looks around blogwall, peering at pulchritudinous posterior*] -- oh, baby! -- and doesn’t have a problem with short-term memory lapses.

This fair Prairie Flower -- this Petunia of Poplar Bluff! this Columbine of Columbia! this Sunflower of Saint Looey! -- has been *besmirched* by an odious comparison with -- grmpf -- somebody who can't even get lucky at a comment party with this crew...

An apology is required! Nay, demanded!

[*blink*] Oh. Okay.

Geez, kat, I’m really sorry, but he found where I stashed the negatives and I can’t even hold that over his head anymore…

"Dueling Entendres"...heh. Any guesses as to how long before the PG-17 rating runs gibbering through the portcullis?