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April 08, 2005

Attention Denizens and Visitors!

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Another Bleg, this time, not for me.

Long time readers of this space know that I am involved in charity work. Fundraising (Spirit of America, anyone?), Rotary, I sit on the Boards of two charities, local and regional.

This weekend is the American Heart Association Heart Walk.

I have two friends who have had children who nearly died from heart problems, and who live today because of the efforts of the AHA.

One has met his fundraising goal. The other, well, let's just say he's got a way to go.

If you've got some spare change - please click here and see what you can do.

Update: I've been asked the question: What's the deadline? The answer is - none, really, though there is one for "Who got the most" that isn't really relevant here. You can donate by credit card through the website, and you don't have to go as high as $25 initial - you can enter in any amount you want. You can pledge via that website, and send a check later - or, if you are one of those people who *will not* do ecommerce via the web, and don't want the American Heart Association to have your address via the donation process (I understand *both* positions) if you trust me, you can donate through me, anonymously. If you don't mind ecommerce, but *are* concerned about mass charity mailings, you can send money through me via my Paypal account - but if you choose to go through me you lose the charitiable donation aspect. But if the only reason you give is for tax purposes, well, thanks, but ya still get a *minor*, *muttered* "fooey"! 8^D It's a good cause, c'mon, if a third of ya who visit on a daily basis gave $5 that would be $2,000.00. Give it a thought, eh?


Oh, yeah - sadly, I *still* have 8 mugs to give away...

If all you can do is nothing - no worries! But if you can, seeing as how you get all this fun for free... spend a little here. You could do worse!

I'm not keeping records... but I would *love* to see R. catch M. from our efforts!

Heh, it's for the kids - one of these guys is a tanker, the other is an Aviating Infantryman - prolly a compatriot of Bill, so it sure ain't for them. But then, deep down inside we Gunners do what - support guys like them, eh?

That is all.


John of Argghhh!
Armorer and Master of Castle Argghhh!

PS - The Armorer *could* be talked into Castle mugs for the first 10 (now *8*) people to give $100 or more... just sayin'. Oh, and since I'm *not* keeping records... I'll trust you when you report. I won't demand receipts - I'm going to go by time of receipt of emails, 'k?