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April 07, 2005

News you can use.

"It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, that has given us the freedom to demonstrate," said Adiofel Mark Mendoza, a sophomore from San Diego who came in his ROTC cadet uniform.


Instapundit adds. Money quote from one of Glenn's emailers, Bart Hall:

The rarely-mentioned dirty secret of it all is that the military are increasingly disinclined to recruit in such places to begin with. They did not push to reinstitute ROTC at places like Harvard and Middlebury because "frankly, we've found that students from such institutions tend to perform poorly as officers," to quote an officer (O-4) in a position to know.
(Hat tip to CAPT H.)

Good on yaz, Perfesser.

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed:

We've never been considered soft on the Clinton Administration or its leading personalities. So we hope we'll have some credibility, especially with our friends on the right, when we say that the misdemeanor plea bargain struck by the Justice Department last week with former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger looks to be a reasonable outcome.

Nope. Dudes - *because* of his prominence, the penalty should be harder. "To whom much is gven , much is expected." I have a *higher* standard of performance for Sandy Berger, not a lesser. I am of the same mind when General Officers get slapped for things lesser mortals come spend time at Leavenworth over. Not Acceptable. Undermines Good Order and Discipline. Sorry, guys. You're Wrong. Yes, the story is perhaps less sinister than it appeared before.


I spend long hours where I work because I can't take my classified work home with me. And I know how to turn the documents back in. If I got them from someone else's safe, I give them back, and initial off on the register. It's that simple. The man was smart enough to be the National Security Advisor... but couldn't handle classified? Gimme a break.

I hope the judge smacks him. What Berger did was worse than what Stewart did. And guys, if this was some no-name Sergeant, would you feel this way?

It's worth noting that Mr. Berger will still have to explain his actions to a judge at sentencing--a judge who could reject Justice's recommendation and give him to up a year in jail. We hope the judge does insist on a full explanation of motive. Lesser officials have received harsher penalties for more minor transgressions, so a complete airing of the facts will show the public that justice is being done. But given the minimal damage from the crime, this looks to be a case where prosecutors have shown some commendable restraint against a high-powered political figure.

New topic. Note the complete lack of Irony:

However, a new study gives a more wholesome picture of the invasion, revealing how the far north was colonised by Viking families looking for somewhere new to set up home, especially those from the western seaboard of Norway where fertile land was in short supply.

Kinder, Gentler, Vikings. That Blood Eagle thing? Ah, no worries!

Good. (Hat tip to CAPT H for both Telegraph links)

MetalStorm at Picatinny. They're moving along smartly, these guys are. Link might not work from behind a .mil firewall. There's some good video (you should download it, much better quality than the preview stuff).

This is for Origen Plotinus - if she still visits! A look inside the Swiss Guard. Cool uniforms. If I ever install Men-At-Arms for Castle security...

Can someone explain to me why it's anything other than pandering to the Catholics among their consitutents that Pro-Choice, anti-just-about-everything-he-stood-for Senators Kennedy and Kerry are headed to the Pope's funeral?

Heh. Pardon me if I'm sceptical, Mr. Secretary.

Wondering what all this FCS stuff is about? Try here. It *is* an Army website, so don't expect a whole lot of negativity - but there is a lot of info on what they are trying to accomplish. Feel free to snark away.

Nothing is simple, soldier. See ya in the Sandbox.

Sometimes, timing is everything. Discipline is key. From my perch, justice was served here. Your mileage may vary.

Good Grief! Has this taken long enough?

USA Today April 7, 2005 Pg. 3

Court-Martial Of Army Sergeant Begins

By John Bacon With Staff And Wire Reports

Jury selection began at Fort Bragg, N.C., in the court-martial of a sergeant accused in a grenade attack that killed two U.S. military officers in Kuwait in the early days of the Iraq war. {snippage} It is the first time since the Vietnam War that a soldier has been prosecuted on charges of murder or attempted murder of another soldier during wartime.

This is only fair. If we're doing it to them, they can properly do it to us. Sad that it's come to this, though.

Missed this story. This unit looks like it may have had a serious leadership problem.

The bad guys aren't stupid. They flex and adapt, too. It's a dance.

"Un-American and Immoral," so says the ACLU calling for criminal sanctions against a school board for allowing prayer before a baseball game (scroll down to last item). While that seems a *bit* harsh, you should also see the ACLU's-eye view of it. Looks like some eye-poking going on from both directions. Amazing what a difference *perspective* makes, eh?