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April 05, 2005

A chill wind... and you need a lawyer to blog anymore?

I used to plan and participate in things like this. In my last job on active duty - not one of this scope, but close! Fun, in the challenge sense- lose sleep, in the responsibility sense. But that was my life as Plans and Training Officer, WMD RTF-West.

The Catholic Church may just surprise us. Cool.

Ed over at the Captains' Quarters (scroll down, too) has attracted the ire of the Canadian Government. Also cool Check out Winds of Change and Small Dead Animals, too!

Tim Worstall has already been coverning news of some of the international legal aspects of blogging and is also watching the Adscam controversy in Canada and now spilling over into the US (as regards Canadians linking to Captain's Quarters posts being in violation of the publication ban in the Adscam case. If you blog or are thinking about blogging consider this result of a case involving publishing in the US but being offended in Australia:

Dow Jones specifically raised the point that this meant that anything published on the net was now subject to all the laws of all nations. Indeed responded the court, it is:

Now do you want to read the article? I think we've found the way the establishment is going to try to control and in some cases, ultimately mute, if not silence, the blogosphere. The Usual Suspects in the US are busy thinking up how they can get their fingers on us... They didn't care and still don't when we talk around the water cooler - but now our tiny little voice will have been accessed over 500,000 times this month in terms of "uniques" and has already gone over 1 million in terms of visitors, what with youse guys who come back more than once a day (God love ya!).

Think it doesn't matter - remember, there won't always be a Republican in the White House, and Democrats are prone (don't always, but they lean this way) to want to sign up for all those kewl international treaty thingys. Sure, if you have no assets overseas, and don't ever expect to travel overseas, you'll probably be fine - but nip across the border to Canada, which *does* sign up for everything that comes down the pike - and find yourself picked up there for an outstanding warrant from somewhere else. I say again - if you blog, keep your eye on things.

Our very own Bill the Rotorhead has been recalled from *Terminal Leave* to help deal with this problem. This by people who have been screwing with his leave and pay accounts anyway. I'll say this - Bill is doing right by his oath, unlike some people in the Guard and DFAS structure I would love to name! It is inex-flipping-scuseable that 4 years into a war, Guard and Reserve pay is still screwed up. Lemme give you a sample - I know 15 guardsmen and reservists called up to serve, SP4 to Colonel - each and every one of them has had a pay problem.


President Clinton's *true* cultural legacy. The only good thing is at least the girls are getting their share these days.

Heh. I'm having a love affair with Tim Worstall today. Here's a lovely piece of jurisprudence coming out of England. Ah, but it can't happen here, right? It already does - in terms of going after people in civil court where the criminal court failed to achieve a guilty verdict, thus does Orenthal Simpson have a judgement against him for a crime he was officially acquitted of... and no, I don't think he was innocent. Just sayin'. Then there are the retroactive provisions of the the domestic violence laws regarding gun ownership - where misdemeanor and felony offenses previously committed and adjudicated prior to the implementation of the law were held to apply, effectively like coming back 20 years after your drunk and disorderly and saying, oh, btw, we've decided that your previous alcohol-related offense means you can't have a driver's license any more.

Looking to buy a computer? (Hat tip - Cary C)

The Penguin Militant! (Hat tip - CAPT H)

Let's welcome Aaron back to blogging!

To tie this up... when butt-sniffing behavior is a bad idea! Made ya look!

Comments on A chill wind... and you need a lawyer to blog anymore?
Heartless Libertarian briefed on April 5, 2005 08:28 AM

I'm just waiting for my wife to have a pay problem..actually, I already see the beginnings of one...Army lists Home of Record as Columbia, SC...actual HOR is Lacey, WA...that's about $100/month in BAH difference, not in her favor right now.

John of Argghhh!!! briefed on April 5, 2005 08:50 AM

Good luck! It took 'em three months to unscrew the Chief of Staff's pay when he got recalled to take the job.

Heck, it took 10 years on active duty to get 'em to correct my HOR from Morocco to Missouri!

Justthisguy briefed on April 5, 2005 09:49 AM

JofA, did you mean, like, Chief of Staff of the US Army? Oh, and butt sniffing? Obviously drunk aircraft should not attempt it. Her poor rudder!

[Yes, I *did* mean the CSA. ed]

Ben briefed on April 5, 2005 11:45 AM

You know, on the actual issues, I might be inclined to go back to the Democrats. But they -- just like the folks up here -- just aren't committed to that whole due process thing. Or that First Amendment thing. (Or the Second, but that's another story.)

I may end up a lifelong Republican voter just for self-defence purposes.

AFSister briefed on April 5, 2005 01:25 PM

*hoping my AFBrother didn't have anything to do with that butt-sniffing, 'cuz those are his planes!* ack....

lucius severus pertinax briefed on April 6, 2005 12:41 PM

In 1688, England had a "Glorious Revolution".

It looks like they may be due for another.