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April 02, 2005

John Paul II "returns to the house of the Father"

Whatever you think of the specifics of the Catholic Church - I can't get past the fact that this man, the Pope, with no "nation" to speak of. With no Army to speak of. No "Alliance" (other than, perhaps, God, the Ultimate Army) to speak of - he so frightened the Communist Powers That Were they tried to kill him. And they were right to be afraid. Such is the power of principle and example.

Requiescat in pace. Domine, dona nobis pacem.*

And no, on this post, I'm not interested in any "balancing" views whatsover. If you wish to argue, or cast aspersions, go elsewhere, or save it for later.

*Rest in Peace. Lord, grant us peace. No, I'm *not* Catholic, but my wife is, in case you are curious. And I've always like the liturgy in Latin best. Which is odd for someone raised Episcopalian...