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April 02, 2005

On a slow Saturday morning...

Wasting Away In Mortaritaville... Hat tip - Strategy Page.

1916: German WWI Atrocity. Zeppelin bombs Rosyth distillery, flooding the streets with fine malt. Caslte Argghhh! - Proud to be #1 in Google for "Zeppelin Bombs Distillery"

1917 Pres Wilson asks Congress to declare war against Germany. A year late, if you ask me, given the above.

1942: "Shangri-La" sets sail - the carrier USS Hornet, with 16 Army B-25 medium bombers, sails from San Francisco - destination, Japan.

1982 - Argentina takes the step that will lead them to discover that John Bull can still gore you - the Iron Lady and her Queen are no push-overs. Argentina, in 2003, demanded an apology because the Brit naval vessels sent to the Falkalnds were carrying nukes. Please. I'm not sympathetic on that issue.

For those of you advocating a return to the draft and an expansion of the forces, and wonder why the Administration is so resistant to the idea... consider this bit from Strategy Page:

MORALE: More Money for the Troops

April 2, 2005: Since September 11, 2001, the average pay for people in the American armed forces has gone up 21 percent. This is a combination of basic pay increases, combat and related "hazardous duty" pay, larger housing allowances, plus larger re-enlistment bonuses. There is another 3.1 percent basic pay increase coming next year, plus additional benefits increases.

The biggest piece of the DoD budget are the personnel accounts. Just something to think about. Back in WWII, a private got paid $21 a month. An entry-level Private today has a basic pay of $1,142.70 - 54 times the amount of the WWII Private. Not counting any other pays that are applicable. Just pointing it out. I figured out that *my* pay has increased 36% in the same time - so at least for my little slice of the world - retiring was a good deal monetarily... though I'm sorry I did and wouldn't argue if the recall notice arrived... but since yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my retirement... it's highly unlikely!