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April 01, 2005

Interview Game.

Spd Rdr of The Ebb and Flow Institute submits the following (cuz I had fun here):

Okay, John, thanks for being a good sport. Here's your questions.

The first one's a softball:

1. 9mm or 45 ACP? Why?

>45ACP. I like the knock-down power and feel of the .45. Other people's mileage vary, and they can back up their feelings with numbers, too. Doesn't change my mind. Article of faith and some minor experience. Nothing I ever shot with a .45 got back up to annoy me. Not true of the 9mm. Of course, now that I've converted to Bradyism, I don't touch guns anymore.

2. In your opinion, who was history's greatest General/Admiral? Why him?
You do know people write books to answer this question? Belisarius. Doing a lot, with not enough, and always knowing that if he was too good, his boss would find a way to kill him, yet if he failed, civilization as he knew it would be destroyed. Yet still he served loyally. I just like his style. Not really competent to answer about Admiral... but always liked Sir Francis Drake. The whole Armada thing. Of course, it's always nice when your enemy is an idiot.

3. Your favorite nephew has just informed you that he is marrying a girl that you don't really like, and he's doing it on Superbowl Sunday. You just won two tickets to that very game.
What do you do?

>Give the tickets to the nephew, precipitate first marital crisis. Heheheheheheh. I could care less about the Superbowl, World Series, Ryder Cup, Stanley Cup, NBA Playoffs, etc. Too much other stuff to do than get tied to the tube watching overpaid people perform. Don't grudge 'em a dime. They don't tax me for their money. Their teams do - for their venues, but, that's just another reason I don't live *in* the KC metro area... I will watch the Olympics, though I prefer the Winter to the Summer.

4. How many times does it take your wife to say "no" before you take that for an answer? Did you just lie?

>1. No. Problem is keeping her to keep to the "no," which she really doesn't say very often, anyway. Except to the dogs.

5. What is the one occupation that you've always wanted to try but never did (assuming that your body could still take the abuse). Why?

>Aviator. Astronaut. As a pilot. 'Cuz they're cool, and generally sleep on cots, or better.

Have fun, buddy!

spd rdr

Heh. Except for number 2, they were whiffle-balls.

Update: Whee! Scored the Corner! Still got the Mojo!Er, disregard. *hand wave* There's nothing to see here. No out-of-characterness here! *hand wave* Move along!

Update the Second. Carnival of the Recipes!