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April 01, 2005

We have acquired some disturbing videos.

The editorial stance of the Castle is (and it's best to right click the link and save as):

1. No one should be allowed to do this except for government officials in Democratic Administrations. Rethuglicans, when they steal elections or otherwise dupe the electorate cannot be expected to adequately supervise, so we support a Constitutional Amendment that forbids the arming of the Government when a Rethuglican is in charge. You can read more of our good ideas here.

2. We think that it is shameful that the current administration (which shouldn't be allowd to play with rubber balls in rubber rooms) is using advertising like this - targeted at Young People! Still in High School!

3. We believe the US Navy is just too arrogant to be allowed out unsupervised, and call on the government to put civilian monitors on their ships.

4. We are appalled at this video of Bill's first solo attempt.

5. We want one of these.

6. Lastly, if you disagree with us - go see Staff Sergeant Boquisucio, in 3W.